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The best way to reach me is through email. The funny looking thing is to prevent bots from scraping my email (or at least try to). Treat it like a normal '@' symbol.

contactme.92g34 /[|@]/

Want to communicate more privately? Here's my public PGP key. (Click on it to download)


If you'd like to buy me a soda or video game (or you just really like some of my research) you can sponsor me on GitHub!

If you prefer super-private nerd money, you can use this:

XMR: 48ZCQ7zRkmUEedXoiLcM2xaBNjk2zCZmWbNcB39b1GK55bA5arHWnrsCrGhqGBdG1yfU3MkK42kJf9R96czgqxjF8rETEXq