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Nick Frichette

Software Developer and Security Researcher

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My name is Nick Frichette and I'm a Senior Security Researcher, primarily focused on cloud, web application, and CI/CD exploitation. Previously, I worked as a Penetration Tester and Team Lead for a large financial services company.

In my free time I perform security research, participate in CTFs, and engage in community forums. In addition, I'm the primary maintainer of Hacking the Cloud, an encyclopedia of the techniques that offensive security professionals can use against cloud environments.

Aside from that, I'm fortunate to be a part of the AWS Community Builders Program and I also support the Tor project through my Tor nodes.

Community Involvement

I'm involved/participate with the security community in several ways. Here are just a few.

  • SANS Pentest Hackfest 2022 - Gave a talk at the main track on "What I Wish I Knew Before Pentesting AWS Environments" (slides)
  • Screaming in the Cloud #226 - Corey Quinn - I was a guest on the Screaming in the Cloud podcast, hosted by Corey Quinn. We talked about offensive security in AWS, AWS security research, and more.
  • Research in the News - My research has been featured in multiple well-known newsletters including CloudSecList, tl;dr sec, and Bug Bytes.
  • ShellCon 2020 - Gave a talk (Hacking AWS - TTPs for the Cloud) at the Main Track of ShellCon 2020. Covered the tactics and techniques a penetration testing or red team can leverage when attacking AWS infrastructure.

Education and Certifications

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OSCP - Offensive Security Certified Professional

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OSWE - Offensive Security Web Expert

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GXPN - GIAC Exploit Researcher and Advanced Penetration Tester
My entry

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AWS Certified Security - Specialty

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GPEN - GIAC Penetration Tester
My entry

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Terraform Associate

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B.S. Computer Science
Illinois State University