Nick Frichette

Software Developer and Security Researcher

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Nickname: IPreferFreedom | Onion Address: gp4v2afhsgc54ahzyekif4pfro6evrx6urmyskgdszfuq4k7ahlvltid.onion


Hi I'm Nick! I'm a coder, hacker, and overall tech enthusiast specializing in cyber security and penetration testing.

Education and Certifications

OSCP - Offensive Security Certified Professional

GPEN - GIAC Penetration Tester
My Entry in the professionals list

B.S. Computer Science
Illinois State University


I always have a side project going on, here are some of my favorite. Check out my GitHub for a more exhaustive list.

Bulldog 1 & 2 Vulnhub VMs

Intentionally insecure VMs designed to teach common web application vulnerabilities. Bulldog 1 and Bulldog 2 have been played and reviewed extensively.

Personal Website

The website you're looking at right now! Fully MEAN stack (MongoDB, Express, Angular, and Node) and hosted on Digital Ocean using Nginx as the reverse proxy.


Specter is a MIT licensed open source cryptocurrency I developed to learn more about blockchain technology. Rather than trying to go for an ICO or getting listed on an exchange, Specter is meant to be a testbed for new blockchain technologies.

Awards and Achievements

P0wn The Machine

Was a first place winner of the 2017 P0wn the Machine competition, a yearly event for State Farm employees to safely hack the company. This year's topic was on data exfiltration. I placed first out of over 60 professional security analysts.

HackDay 2017

During HackDay 2017 (State Farm's annual Hackathon) I built a prototype that detected spear phishing emails using a Bayesian Classifier. This Machine Learning prototype was able to accurately detect spear phishing 87% of the time.

Packback Experiences Member

Due to earning the top ranking in my Packback class (#1 out of 200), I was offered a spot in the exclusive Packback Experiences program. The project seeks to place hard working students with employment and growth opportunities. I got to speak personally with the co-founder of the startup and talk about working in a startup culture.

Intern Speech Master Class & Finalist

The speech team I was a part of competed against other teams in a speech competition. We made it to the finals with our presentation on Cyber-Insurance. In addition I was selected as one of the 16 (out of 100+) to participate in the Speech Master class. Interns were selected based on their outstanding speaking and presenting skills.