Hey, I'm Nick!

About Me

By day I'm a software developer and information security analyst for State Farm Insurance. By night, I'm an avid hacker, coder, and overall tech addict. With a B.S. in Computer Science I leverage my experience in a variety of projects.

Work Experience

Since the summer of 2016 I've worked with State Farm's Vulnerability Assessment and Management Team. As a developer I lend my skills in the creation of custom security tools and automation. I work directly with our Penetration Testing and Red Teams to build malware, develop custom payloads, and more. I have experience in a variety of languages however my main ones are Python, C/C++, and Java.


I earned a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Illinois State University. I was (and still am) a committed student, earning a place on the Dean's List multiple times.


In my free time I like to write about programming and information security. The topics are always random, but I try to give back to the community with some form of knowledge. Technical writing is an enjoyable hobby.

Career Goals

1. Write better code
2. Hack things better
3. Continue 1 and 2

Through my experience working with the Penetration Testing and Red Teams I hope to hone my craft of developing better, more effective software, while at the same time cementing a better understanding of how hackers operate.